ASF hits backyard farms hard in the Philippines

This past September 2019, ASF hits backyard farms in the Philippines. Pigs that are infected with this virus get sicked and eventually, died.

There are 13 million pigs in the Philippines, including 1.75 million sow population. Around 40% of it, came from numerous backyard farms. The percentage came from 3 regions: Central Luzon, Northern Mindanao, and Western Visayas.

Many of the backyard farms across the Philippines purchase weaner age pigs between 5 to 10 kg body weight and fatten them prior to sale at 30 kg (‘Lechon’ markets) or at 90 kg (pork markets).

Emergence of the Philippines the ASF virus

In the early part of September 2019, three backyards reported high mortality losses. One of the affected farmers transferred the diseased pigs in Bulacan. The confirmation of the ASF virus led to restriction of pig movements in Luzon. The original cause of this outbreak was because of contaminated food waste from Manila sources.

Nearby backyard farms reported to be positive for the ASF virus. BAI personnel have taken some samples for examination.

LGU is monitoring and depopulating many backyard piggeries across central Luzon. However, it is likely that spread to other backyard farms may continue in the near future. Also, the ASF virus will not affect humans.

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