Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

We aim to provide quality medical services for the people of GMA and nearby towns. One of our main goals is to help people to identify their health status.

We also want our customers to be physically fit every day. It is because being healthy is one of the requirements of any institution.

Being healthy can prevent chronic diseases or bad bacteria to infiltrate your body. A healthy person can do more things in life.


Our mission is the desire to deliver quality medical services through excellent and quality health care.


Our vision is for being first-class health care, delivery highly competitive and reliable medical and laboratory services.


On Top provides an accurate drug screening test of drugs and its metabolites based on trust.

If you have any questions about our mission and vision, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help you. Or you can also send us your message in our e-mail. You can also call us through these numbers, 09185859217 and 09991630441.

You can check the terms and conditions of On Top Medical Services GMA here. It is your right to know more about this kind of information.