What is Fecalysis?

It is a series of tests done on a stool sample to detect certain conditions on the digestive tract (amcmanila.org). These conditions can include infection (such as from parasites, viruses, or bacteria), poor nutrient absorption, or cancer.


Why do you need to take this test?

As part of a medical examination, fecalysis is important to take by everyone. Especially, those persons that has digestive tract problem. It is important because it helps doctors to give the right diagnosis for the patients.


For the collection of a stool sample, you must put it in a clean container and then sent to the laboratory. Laboratory analysis includes microscopic examination, chemical tests, and microbiologic tests.

The laboratory will get your feces and it will check the characteristics of the stool sample. These include the:

  • color
  • consistency
  • amount
  • shape
  • odor


In general, the results of stool tests are usually reported back within 3 to 4 days, although it often takes longer for parasite testing to be completed (https://kidshealth.org).

If the results of the tests are negative, it means normal. A positive result means that your stool has germs and bacteria ( https://www.webmd.com ).

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