How Safe are X-rays?

X-ray has helped great improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical conditions in children and adults. But, X-ray might be a problem if now properly use. Thus, we need to know how safe are x-rays.

The safety of X-ray depends on the procedures and what part of the body is being x-rayed and patients’ sex and age may be a factor of how safe is x-ray.

a healthcare provider doing x-ray in safe manner

Based on the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has recommended the DOSE LIMIT of 5,000 Millerems (mr) per year. A SINGLE CHEST X-RAY in the usual POSTERIO-ANTERIOR (PA) VIEW (from back to front) emits ONLY 30 mr. So you can SAFETY HAVE AS MANY CHEST X-RAY AS NEEDED, even MORE THAN 160 TIMES PER YEAR WITHOUT WORRYING about the CANCER and STERILITY. Other x-ray procedures involving the parts of the body, however, entails more radiation.

Incidentally, there is a medical myth that DRINKING MILL WILL ERASE the SPOTS or LESION that may be present of the chest x-ray, of course, THIS IS FALSE. ( )

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